Green and Smart


10-2011 Första sk. Scandinavia modeller har lämnat fabriken. Leveranser till den scandinaviska marknaden börjar efter mitten av november.

10-2011 WWW-sida publicerad

08-2011 EC-approval för senaste version av EF-2 



1. Easy to drive and comfortable to use

EF-2 is very easy to drive. Turn the ignition key to the ON position and then swich the gear to forward or reverse, press the pedal. That's it!
Smooth torque from the lowest rpm, moves the car without unnecessary judder. No gears to swich, it just always works the same way in all conditions, warm or cold, wet or dry.

2. Silent and odorless

The electric motor is very quiet in nature. No internal combustion engine vibrations, and therefore no stinky exhaust fumes. Charging is always clean and odorless. Talk while driving does not require any effort because of the low noise.

3. Stylish look

EF-2 has a smashing appearance made by a French-born designer, whose post-Pen has a modern and youthful appearance. Details of car design looks familiar, although in fact they are not. 

4. Cheap to own

EF-2 energy consumption is just over 1 Euro per 100 km, even less if you charge the car with the off-peak electricity. Insurance is the only mandatory cost for L6e-class vehicles, and even that, is only a fraction of the normal road car insurance premiums. No annual taxes or
charges (in Finland).

5. Low maintenance costs

EF-2 is made of aluminum and fiberglass. It does not rust. It takes rough handling, and it is easy to fix. A simple design and proven solutions. These facts speaks for long life and good second-hand value.

6. An agile space miracle

The car can accommodate two adults without problems and the trunk is bigger than in most of the ordinary small cars. The big rear hatch that opens up to the ceiling, is easy to load for example with several golf-bags.
The small turning radius and the compact dimensions are as made for "cruising" in the city.

7. Low maintenance requirements

To drive electric, simplifyies the total structure of the vehicle. The car does not have a radiator system, no spark plugs, filters, glow plugs, belts, exhaust pipe, variator, division heads, engine oil, gear box etc. etc. In fact, the electric motor has only one moving part:
the anchor. Because of these facts, maintenance items in the car, are significantly less than in a standard car, and results therefore, in lower maintenance costs.

8. Maintenance-free AGM lead-acid batteries

Ef-2 uses six maintenance-free, deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries. The so-called. AGM batteries are ideal as a power source for a L6e class car. Lead-acid battery pack can be charged in low temperatures, and it does not require expensive, specialized structures or any complex battery heating solutions. Lead-acid Battery recycling has also been in use for decades.

9. Green values

EF-2 is a pure zero-emission alternative. At this point, usually the traditional fuels supporters, argue that emissions are created when electricity is produced. It is true, regarding certain production technics, but for example the water plants do not produce emissions. Generally, when these two forms of engines are compared, ther are no mention of oil drilling, production, processing and transport of the fuels for the combustion engines. If we take these factors in account, electric cars can be almost zero-emissions, compared to conventional combustion engines.


There are more than 1.5 million engine heater sockets in Finland, which are perfect for charging the EF-2 type of car batteries. As a 10 amps fuse is enough, the charging of the car can be done in almost all sockets and almost anywhere. Therefore, the EF-2 does not require a new infrastructure.