Green and Smart


10-2011 Första sk. Scandinavia modeller har lämnat fabriken. Leveranser till den scandinaviska marknaden börjar efter mitten av november.

10-2011 WWW-sida publicerad

08-2011 EC-approval för senaste version av EF-2 


From idea to action


In 2007, emerged the idea of an electric vehicle's potential to succeed in the Finnish market. The matter was considered worthy to investigate. After thorough acquantanse of the vehicle act thoroughly, we saw an opportunity to take the project forward, initially focusing on the taxfree L-category vehicles, and specifically the so-called
light quadricycle, L6e class.

Thus began the work to take the idea into practice. Refining the business idea, find partners, government contacts, creation, marketing, design, etc.

At the initial stage there where no manufacturers, so the work began with searching and looking for a dictionary in the world of ongoing projects. At this point, there where also plans to start our own production, which fell in the calculations, however. In this phase the strategy, to find the right manufacturer, who would be willing to cooperate, was chosen.

Time passed, and after hundreds if not thousands of e-mails, phone calls, studing law notches, a few factory visits, and after seen a collection of colorful dictionary of more or less complete projects, it turns out that the Chinese showed most interest, and were the most potential partners. The Chinese companies also had the best electric
vehicle manufacturing capabilities.

Nearly after three years of work, began the negotiations with our current partner. The car model produced by LBC factory, was considered suitable for the European market. During negotiations, it became clear that this model had already been manufactured as an diesel version, and was now developed into a electric version. After the EEC approval, it was time to order the first trial cars for testing in Finland. During the tests, based on experience from daily use, the factory has made the desired changes and improvements to the car. R & D and co-operation with the factory has been operating well, since the beginning. On the basis of the results of the winter tests, and after
several changes, we have found out, that the car was now developed and ready for Nordic users.

After several years of work, it was time to establish  Zetriq Ltd.


Zetriq Ltd's vision is, that the European public environmental awareness will increas rapidly. Consumers' values are changing into more preserving the nature. These increasing number of "green" values in our time, will lead consumer behavior and product procurement options, especially in traffic and vehicle-related purchases, into
changes. In the future, consumers are increasingly choosing to pay attention to their own ecological footprint, which signals the individual's "responsible status" in society.